Organizing and Supporting Events

With the necessary information provided by the customer, our team is in the position, to organize and technically support the needs of an event, however complex it may be


Sound, Lighting, Conference and Audiovisual Event Venues Studies

Μελέτες χώρων

Our company, with years of experience in this field, is able to study your venue and prepare a study that will cover your conference and lighting equipment needs. The fact that we are on a daily basis in the venues hosting the biggest events, has given us the experience that, properly combined with your needs, can give you practical, economic and personalized solutions.

Rental & Installation of Sound, Lighting, Projection, Conference 
and Audiovisual Equipment

Each event is unique, with its own needs and peculiarities. The same goes for and Event Venue. Our staff, working every day in this field, combines each client’s needs with the diversity of each venue, in order for the practical and aesthetic result to be the best possible, so that we come up with a , distinct and successful event.


Wedding/Christening/Adulting – Social Events

Social Events – especially a wedding is an Once in a lifetime Event for the Couple and its guests, and this is how it should be treated. All elements consisting it, should be chic, harmoniously blended and delivered on a specific timeline. The result is etched in the memories of all people and teams involved. Having that in mind, we suggest, design and make such events happen. At the end of this special day or night, satisfying smiles compensate us. After all this is one half of a successful day.

Permanent Installations

Visiting and inspecting a new venue, we apply the knowledge that our long experience in rentals offers, and so we can recognize the needs and peculiarities in audiovisual applications. Our Venue Studies always include a wide range of suggestions from the latest technologies in the industry to practices been used for several years now, costing each one, so that the customer can easily distinguish what “is worthy to invest”.

Μόνιμες Εγκαταστάσεις

Audiovisual Equipment Service

Our service department has all the necessary tools and knowledge, in order to be in the position to identify problems and equipment malfunctions and repair them. The continuous and personalized contact with our dealers and suppliers, delivers us a very wide range of professional electronic equipment designs and drawings, resulting in proper and quick repair.

Video Recordings

Because one image is worth a thousand words, and because technology now gives us the capabilities to transfer, propagate and view images at enormous speeds, we pay great attention to the field of video recording. The imprinting of an event, a seminar or a meeting in digital format, tends to become the best and more usable way of transmitting information, increasing the audience, advertising, even preserving the digital files to create records and archives.


Installation and dismantling Stages and Sceneries


Stage platforms is over time the most practical way to distinguish the speakers/presenters/ musicians/singers of an event, from its audience. No matter how different the needs in dimensions, height or stage levels are, the basic and common need of all, is safety of people on and around the stage. We think the greatest importance is safety, when designing, assembling or dismantling a stage platform, and that is precisely the priority that is rewarded by our clientele.

Sales of Electronic & Electric Equipment/Parts

 The daily contact and constant updating of the technology development in the audiovisual sector has given us a key position in the chain of construction companies in the area. The renewal of our equipment fleet is the starting point of contact and then the knowledge that is added daily by the installations, combined with the customer’s trust towards the company, has given us a very large network, offering complete solutions at the best possible costs.

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